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CS:GO Tournament Rules & Regulations | Armaggeddon


CS:GO Tournament Rules & Regulations



1.1 Competitors must wear any marketing material (e.g. t-shirt, tags, etc.) provided by the tournament/ event organizer before entering the tournament area.

1.2 Competitors must be clothed politely and appropriately.

1.3 Competitors must be available for post-tournament awards ceremonies, photographs, interviews, or other tournament events.

1.4 All competitors must be present at the tournament area 15 minutes prior to their scheduled match.

1.5 Tournament PCs are only to be used for match play only. Any other activities on the PCs are not allowed (e.g. checking emails, surfing the net, etc.).

1.6 Each team will be given around 10 to 15 minutes to set up their equipment after which, the match will immediately start.

1.7 If a competitor has to leave the tournament area during their scheduled match, a referee/ official must be informed.

1.8 The tournament area is restricted only to tournament competitors. Competitors are not allowed to enter the tournament area with companions that are not participating in the tournament. In addition, tournament officials reserve the right to deny anyone, even a competitor from entering the tournament area within reason.

1.9 At the conclusion of match play, teams are expected to break down their equipment in an orderly manner. Teams need to straighten their tournament area up once they break down. Please take into consideration that other matches may be taking place and it would be unsportsmanlike to disturb other competitors while competing.


2.1 The software used is Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Beta (Steam Version)

2.2 It is a 5 (Five) Player team tournament.

2.3 Each team must present 1 (One) representative. He/she is responsible for his/her team and will be responsible of all communication with the Referees.

2.4 Each team member must use the exact same team abbreviation (Clan Tag).

2.5 Each person attending the tournament must have read and accepted the rules and regulations. Ignoring it cannot be a reason put forward in case of an issue or dispute.

2.6 These rules are subject to modification in the following aspects:
• Use of most recent patch/version release of the game.
• In-game settings and required factors necessitated by use of most recent patch/version release.
• Cheat Protection Program release and/or Cheat Protection Functions
• Game settings and/or operations guidelines dictated by differences between Online and LAN tournaments.

2.7 The Tournament Committee reserves the right to modify the rules and regulations from time to time and without notice, to protect the integrity and smooth flow of the tournament.


The tournament will be played with the following rule set:
• Rounds: 30 (Thirty) Rounds (Max Rounds 15 (Fifteen) Format) – 15 (Fifteen)

Rounds as Terrorists and 15 (Fifteen) Rounds as Counter-Terrorists per team
• Victory Condition: The first team to win 16 (Sixteen) rounds. (If a team scores 16
(Sixteen) rounds first, the match is ended immediately.)
• Round Time: 1:45 Minutes
• The team playing as the Terrorist side first will be announced before the match or decided by coin toss.
• In the case of a tie after the regulation rounds end, 6 (six) extra rounds will be played. (3 (Three) Rounds as

Terrorists / 3 (Three) Rounds as Counter-Terrorists per team). Victory condition is the first team to win 4 (four) rounds. (If a team scores 4 (four) rounds first, the match is ended immediately.)
• Extra Round restart money: $10,000
• In the case of yet another tie after the 6 (Six) extra Rounds, as stated above, 6
(Six) additional extra Rounds will be played until the tie is broken


4.1 The tournament official or referees must be informed if any substitutions are to be done.

4.2 Teams are allowed to substitute twice only in the tournament.

4.3 Substitutions can only be done before or after a match is done and not during.

4.4 The substitute player must be registered with the team prior to the tournament starting.

4.5 The substitute player for the team must not be playing for any other team in the tournament.


5.1 The sharing of basic weapons and ammunition are allowed.

5.2 It is not allowed to purposefully suicide to drop item for another player.

5.3 It is not allowed to block your own creeps with the help of spells. It is only allowed to use hero model to
intercept creeps. This is only for the first creep wave.

5.4 Backdooring is allowed.

5.5 Any cheats, hacks or exploits are illegal and not allowed in play.


6.1 It is forbidden to insult, abuse or manhandle a Player or a Referee, or do damage to property that belong to others.

6.2 It is forbidden to do damage the property of the sponsors and partners of the tournament/ event.

6.3 The notion of fair play is up to the Referee’s assessment.

6.4 Lack of fair play can lead to penalties.

6.5 In order to secure a pleasant course of game, we encourage all players to show a sportsmanlike and fair conduct.


7.1 If rules are broken, Tournament Referees may apply penalties according to their judgment and discretion.

7.2 Penalties that can be applied are the following:
• Warning.
• 3 (Three) Round loss or more.
• Default loss.
• Banning a player/team from the venue.
• Disqualification of a player/team from the entire tournament.

7.3 Disqualifications are applied by the tournament officials, be it the referees or tournament organizers. And will void all rights for the entire team to participate further in the tournament, and also to use the facilities provided by the tournament/ event.


All results must be reported to the respective Referee right after the match.


Players are allowed to bring their own mouse, headset and keyboard, as well as drivers and configuration files etc., unless specified otherwise.


10.1 No 3rd party program or any trace of scripts will be allowed. This includes personal map textures and player exploits. It will be considered a violation of the rules and will be sanctioned according to 7.2.

10.2 Players are responsible for their actions in regards to known map or game bugs/exploits. Any Player or Team utilizing ANY exploit or bug in a map or game, unintentional or otherwise, will be sanctioned according to 7.2.

10.3 Any tampering with computer hardware or software, including but not limited to intentional crashing of software and illegal modification of hardware or software configurations will be sanctioned according to 7.2.


11.1 No 3rd Party communication software will be allowed as per according to 10.1.

11.2 Team members are fully allowed to communicate verbally, even when ‘dead’.
(Ghost Talking)


12.1 A team is allowed to have substitutes on their roster. The roster is locked during the entire tournament.

12.2 Teams are allowed substitutions, provided if they are registered on the roster. No substitutions will be allowed after the start of a match. If any team needs to make more than 2 (Two) substitutions for any reason whatsoever, the team must forfeit their match.
A Referee has to be notified prior to the substitution.

12.3 Tournament Referees can decide to make exceptions on roster changes depending on the basis of the request (e.g. a player is injured, sick etc.).

12.4 Teams are not allowed to rotate their players in between matches.

12.5 A player cannot participate in more than 1 (One) team during the tournament.


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