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AK 300 | Armaggeddon

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For more enquiries, mail us at: fellowship@armaggeddon.net

Highlighted keycaps: The AK-300 comes with distinct WSAD and directional keys which make them very prominent, reducing the chances of hitting the wrong keys.

Pre-set Media keys: The pre-defined media keys allow quick access to your computer functions: email, search, volume control and mute.

The Ak-300 is the essential keyboard designed for gamers. Distinctive WSAD and directional keys allow gamers to pinpoint these important keys without breaking concentration on the gaming screen. These highlighted keys can also prevent hitting the wrong keys which may result in casting the wrong spell, ruining the battle.

With an additional 10 keys headed above the basic keysets, users can utilize the pre-programmed functions such as E-mail, Play/Pause, Volume control and Mute. Use these keys for convenience while gaming or on casual use.

  • Multimedia keys for direct media functions
  • 3-segment gaming keyboard with 124 keys
  • Keyboard interface: USB wired
  • Cable length: 1.6 meters
  • Keyboard Size: 485(L) x213(W) x30(H)[mm]
  • Total weight: 750g
  • Replacement gaming key caps included